How I installed a Scottoiler on my Triumph Scrambler

Part 1: The metering unit
Where to mount it? Two options came to mind.

#1, on the frame:

or #2, under the seat:

Each had their merits, and pitfalls. Ugly and easy to get at vs. hidden but hard to access.

Hidden won, and so I stuck it in place with heavy duty (not that it needed to be) velcro:

with the outlet next to where the pipe comes up, this turned out to be a bad idea.

Part 2: The dribbly end

Looking at the end of the swing arm, and the selection of bits and bobs supplied with the unit, I decided that mounting the dispenser plate on the end of the spindle would be difficult and not look so good due to the shape of the swing arm.

Inspired by a post on a Triumph forum, I decided to use the small hole in the underside of the arm and mount a rivet nut (sometimes called a nutsert) in there.

To this I would fasten the dispenser plate, after first drilling a hole in it.

A slight bend, one tiny Jubilee clip (also supplied) and it's looking good.

At least it would have been, but I nipped out on the bike at this point and this happened.

It appears that that white tubing is rather smooth and slippery, and something needed to be done.
In fairness, this probably wouldn't have happened if I had finalised the mounting of the tube. As it was, I had just loosely cable-tied it out of the way temporarily.
You can see here why I didn't just mount the plate on the end of the spindle.

As for routing the rest of the tube, I wanted it to look neat so I used the length of rubbery tube holder thing stuck to the underside of the arm with double-sided tape (that's what I had nipped out for earlier.)

I then decided to put a small piece of the tape between the slippery plastic pipe and the slippery stainless holder,
and re-attach it using the jubilee clip as before.

Next thing was to make something to hold the pipe up at the forward end, as it won't stay in the holder of its own accord.
A small 'L' shaped bracket attached to that screw holding the rubber thing should work, so I made one,

and fitted it.

From there the pipe was routed up behind the RH side panel to the space below the seat.

Part 3: The sucky bit
There's a perfect place to connect the vacuum pipe, on the RH inlet. Trouble is, it's too large for the connector to fit onto it.
There's an ideal place to drill into that inlet, right next to the above, but that would mean removing it, which would be a pain.

There's a plastic T-piece in the kit, for inserting into an existing vacuum pipe which in this case goes from the LH inlet to the air injection thing, so I used that.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

Part 4: Connecting it all up
Remember I said it was a bad idea putting the metering unit that way round?
With the vacuum pipe on the left, and the outlet on the right, it made perfect sense apart from one thing.
The bike leans to the left somewhat on its stand.

This isn't an issue when riding but it's not ideal, especially when filling it.

So I've turned it round the other way and all's well.